Company Facilities

Carpentry Workshop

With a big team of skillful carpenters performing cutting, shaping and installation of loose and built-in furniture, our tradesman able to take on complex projects.

Our factory space of 30,000 s.f. were able to cater to client’s request and ever expanding minute demands.

Design Department

In a big space of 4,000 s.f. we have allocated Interior Design & Graphic Department with a Conference Room and 2 smaller Meeting Rooms. Not forgetting a dedicated Materials Corner where our catalogues of materials are always kept updated by respected industry construction material suppliers.

At any one given time, this creative section of the organization able to accommodate up to 40 design personals to meet the market demands.

Material Corner

Before a material being specified to any particular project, this will undergo a test of suitability, feel, texture and overall design comparability by our creative design team. Be it different types of light fitting, timber stains and coatings, fabrics, paints and stones, the Material Corner are always kept updated with the latest material suppliers.

We always strive to present the best value for money materials for the client’s approval.